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Manchu Vishnu Doosukelta Movie Updates …

Manchu Vishnu was not among those lucky actors with all the stars on their side. He has done a bunch of movies in his career but was not so successful in getting the name and fame. Vishnu stepped into Telugu cinema with the movie ‘Vishnu’ in the year 2003, directed by Shaji Kailas. Over 10 years of his career he has seen one or two movies clenching applauds, ‘Dhee’ directed by Srinivas rao being the pick among them.

MovieMug - Doosukeltha stunt

He is been successful in his personal life and business life, being the CEO of MBC (Mohan Babu Carporation) he has shown his expertise in bringing it to the people by sponsoring the Telugu Worriers team of CCL.

There are reasons to fail at the film career for Vishnu, a hype created for him being the son of Mohan Babu and being not so good at dancing and action. To clean up all these unfilled gaps Manchu Vishnu trying hard to perform in his next movie ‘Doosukeltha’ directed by Veeru potla.

Recent media coverage of Doosukeltha on sets has revealed a Death –Defying stunt of Manchu Vishnu for the film Doosukeltha. This stunt being performed in the presence of all the expertise and medical emergency team aside, says Manchu guy. 80 feet off the ground is not so often we see in any hero performing being in the industry for 10 years.

About the shot a source has revealed that, “In a fight sequence by Thai master Kecha, Vishnu jumped off a speeding jeep which rocketed over 80 feet off the ground. The whole unit held their breaths as Vishnu jumped off the jeep on to the gang of villains and completing the shot in a single take.” This kind of shots were often taken by a body double but the guts, Vishnu had had are praised by even the stunt master Kecha.

Moviemug - VishnuManchu

Kecha, who has worked for few Hollywood films praised Manchu for his humble nature and his guts, “He has given me enough freedom to experiment with the stunts. I could just pull Vishnu aside if I had a new idea and he was ready to experiment. He pulls off the action sequences effortlessly.”

There were rumors spreading of Manchu Vishnu and Hansika Motwani patching up so well in their off screen life during the shoot of their first combination movie Dhenikaina Ready. But during the shoot of their new movie they were different unlike their Dhenikaina Ready days, later a source revealed that Hansika is patchin up with the Tamil star Simbu.

Doosukeltha features, Manchu Vishnu in the lead role pairing with Lavanya Tripathi, who has done her debut in Telugu Industry with Andhala Rakshasi. Bramhanandham, Ahuti Prasad, kota srinivasa rao, rao ramesh, Ali in the important roles. Dhoosukeltha is in its final schedule and shooting the climax scenes. This movie is expected to be released by the end of this year.

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